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Can AI Replace Your Manager?

Can AI replace Your Manager?

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Can AI Replace Your Manager?

Payroll managers face a 96% chance of automation in the near future ー And they’re not the only ones at risk

Management Roles Risk of Computerization
Payroll & benefits: 96%
Property & real estate: 81%
Administrative services: 73%
Transportation: 59%
Other managers: 25%

Machines can gather and analyze data, recommend solutions, and make daily, data-based decisions for your business

Tech Can Manage Your Business

Office Management: Managed By Q
iPad hub installed in clients’ offices monitors comfort and more
Workers can order supplies, cleaning, and maintenance services
Helps hires receptionists, office assistants, event staff, and more
Booking, communication, and billing is all handled in one place

Project Management: iCEO
AI platform breaks up projects into smaller tasks
Hires gig workers to complete tasks and monitors progress
Integrates with email to send and receive messages from workers
Capable of generating a 124-page research report

Hiring: FlatPi
End-to-end AI platform manages hiring through automated workflows
Ranks applicants giving more weight to higher-priority skills
Analyzes applicants’ web presence to determine emotional intelligence
More than half of small businesses are already using tech for hiring

Scheduling: X
Chatbot easily communicates with clients & coworkers
Simply CC: the bot and it will schedule a meeting
Incorporates into your email, Slack, website, and calendar
Automatically adds meetings to your calendar

AI can take over the time-consuming, menial tasks of management 一 But running a business still requires a human touch

What Tech Can’t Do

Screening algorithms, and behavioral assessments can help find the best candidates
BUT machines can’t get a feel for culture fit by interacting with potential hires

Customer service AI can answer FAQs, and suggest solutions based on past cases
BUT machines can’t form relationships with customers or offer a human touch

AI can analyze data, flag unproductive workers or systems, and suggest improvements
BUT machines often overlook moral or ethical factors when making decisions

Biased algorithms lead to biased results
In 2018, Amazon had to scrap its state-of-the-art recruiting AI, after it taught itself to prefer male applicants 一 How did it happen?
The AI was fed 10 years of resumes to identify patterns leading to successful hires
In a male-dominated industry, most of those past hires were male
Result: Resumes were penalized for including the word “women” and listing all-female colleges

Nearly 1 in 5 small-businesses think the hassle of buying and implementing new tech isn’t worth it
More than 1 in 3 small businesses think they don’t need more tech
Nearly 1 in 4 think the old ways of doing things are better
YET, more than 4 in 5 small businesses believe they could benefit from better tech

Here’s how to find tech solutions to simplify your day-to-day management tasks

Choose The Right Tech

Step 1: Identify Your Needs
Start small. What daily tasks consume too much of your time? What gets overlooked in the rush to get everything done?
Step 2: Narrow Your Options
What are you looking to achieve with tech? Saving time? Automation? Mobile access?
Step 3: Choose Your Solution
Find a solution that’s sustainable and scalable ー Choose tech that you’re comfortable using everyday

Using tech to help manage your business can give you time to focus on what really matters

Can AI Replace Your Manager?