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The Multipurpose MBA


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The Multipurpose MBA

An MBA degree is not only a fairly lucrative pursuit but also an extremely versatile one. Let’s take a look at the different concentrations within the MBA and where each field might take you.


More than 200

Number of top-earning CEOs in the U.S. who have MBAs (1)


Median salary for an MBA degree-holder in 2014 (2)


Average total tuition for a business degree from a top-20 school (3)

MBA Concentrations

Not all MBAs are created equal. Career paths depend greatly on the area of concentration within the MBA.


Business management





Global management

Human resources management

Information systems

International business


Operations management

Strategic/risk management

Technology management

Most lucrative (5, 6)


Median mid-career pay: $121,000

Career paths: Chief financial officer (CFO), finance director, senior financial analyst, stockbroker

International business

Median mid-career pay: $116,000

Career paths: Sales director/mediator, operations director


Median mid-career pay: $113,000

Career paths: Marketing director/manager, business development manager

Information systems

Median mid-career pay: $106,000

Career paths: IT director/manager, IT project manager, IT systems analyst

Technology management

Median mid-career pay: $102,000

Career paths: VP of IT, IT director/manager

Business management

Median mid-career pay: $96,900

Career paths: Sales director, HR director, general/operations manager, hospital management, management consultant


Median mid-career pay: $84,000

Career paths: Financial controller, senior accountant

MBA Employers

Here’s a look at some U.S. companies that hire large numbers of MBA degree-holders: (7)

Google (CA)

McKinsey & Company (NY)

Apple (CA)

Bain & Company (MA)

Boston Consulting Group (MA)

Amazon.com (WA)

Goldman Sachs Group (NY)

Facebook (CA)

Nike (OR)

JPMorgan Chase (NY)

Johnson & Johnson (NJ)

Best Schools vs. Cheap Schools

Some people believe MBAs are only beneficial when received from a top-10 or even top-5 school. But there is a huge difference between top schools and generally affordable schools.

Top 5 business schools (8)

School: Annual tuition: Full-time enrollment

Harvard: $56,175: 1,851

Stanford: $59,550: 809

University of Pennsylvania: $59,736: 1,677

University of Chicago: $58,760: 1,176

MIT: $61,152: 819

Best bang for your buck in private schools (8)

School: Annual tuition:

Alfred University (NY): $37,646

Rochester Institute of Technology (NY): $36,216

Bentley University (MA): $34,904

Baylor University (TX): $34,116

American University (DC): $33,444

Cheapest online MBA programs (9)

School: Annual tuition

Southeast Missouri State University: $9,669

Texas A&M University-Commerce: $10,635

East Carolina University: $11,451

University of Louisiana at Monroe: $12,015

Ball State University (IN): $12,600


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