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MBACentral.org was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing an editorially unique b-school ranking and resource site. As higher education researchers and businessmen and women ourselves, we have striven to provide rankings and insights into selecting a business school and landing your dream job as follows.

About our Editor

Tammie received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M in 2002. After ten years in the workforce, she decided to return to school for her MBA. Tammie earned an online MBA from Marylhurst University in 2012 while a stay-at-home mother working multiple part-time jobs. She brings well-researched, data-driven writing and analysis to the the MBA discussion, in addition to her own personal experience of an online MBA program.

Advertising Disclosure

While all content and rankings on MBA Central is editorially independent, we do provide opportunities for select, regionally accredited business schools to connect with potential students. All locations in which visitors may be prompted to request information about a business school are labelled “sponsored” as we receive a small advertising fee when students request information. It should be noted, however, that no visitor to the site is required to request information from schools. Also, we do not accept paid placement in rankings or content ideas from partner universities.