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What Is A Mini-MBA?


Business leaders throughout the nation are looking for ways to enhance their careers. One popular way that you can do this is to earn an MBA, or master of business administration. However, you might also know that these programs will take a minimum of two years to complete. For many people, working full time plus going to school for two years is simply not possible. Fortunately, there is another way. Many institutions are now offering mini-MBA programs. These mini programs have been designed to give people the most critical information offered in a traditional MBA program. Could a mini-MBA program be right for you? Read on to find out more:

A Brief History of the Mini-MBA

The first mini-MBA program was introduced back in 1949 at McGill University in Canada. Over the years, a number of mini-MBA programs sprung up throughout the UK and now, several US colleges and universities are offering similar programs. In addition, large organizations are also offering similar programs that are advertised to be like an MBA boot camp.

What to Expect from a Mini-MBA Program

In order to be considered a mini-MBA program, in most cases, the programs are less than 100 credit hours of study, and most of them are much less than that. Depending on the chosen college or university, students may find that the program is a week-long, highly intensive classroom session. You might also find that schools will offer a mini-MBA program that has one class a month for several months. Some institutions will also offer online classes. The nice thing about this is students who are interested in this type of program can choose a school that best fits with their schedule.

When looking into these classes, potential students will find that they range anywhere from about $2,000 to $4,000. Some or all of this cost may be covered with scholarships or through other programs. The classes are designed for those who have found themselves in a position of middle management who do not have a background in business. These people will typically want to get a better grasp on business concepts, and this will help them progress throughout their careers. Other people will take a mini-MBA course because they want to test out if an MBA is right for them due to the time and money that it takes to complete.

What You Will Learn in a Mini-MBA Program

Though all programs will have a different curriculum, there are some basic things that you can expect to learn in a mini-MBA program. All programs will teach students the fundamentals of business. This includes business frameworks, models and other drivers that lead to success in an organization. Students will be given the tools to learn strategic thinking, they are learning how to cross-function in the workplace and will be taught new problem solving strategies. Students will also learn how to improve upon their negotiating skills, will learn proper networking, meet new people and obtain the knowledge needed to be a successful leader in the business world.

Considerations of Mini-MBA Programs

Though these programs can be ideal for many people looking to enhance their knowledge and experience in business, they are not for everyone. For example, people who already know they want to go for an MBA might want to skip the mini-MBA program. You will gain much more out of the traditional MBA program that is offered at most schools. You also might want to keep in mind that the cost of these programs will likely have to come out of your own pocket. Additionally, these programs tend to be intense, so there will be a lot of information coming at you that can be confusing. You will need to be organized and prepared for this. You should also consider the fact that these programs have different structures. At one university you may only have the choice of taking an online course, but at another, you may have to attend class one day a month for a full day. There are also courses that are full weeks of class and those that meet once a week for a set number of weeks.

Is the Mini-MBA Right for You?

Now that you know a bit about this MBA alternative, you may wonder if this type of degree program is right for you. The best way to determine this is to look into programs in your area or online programs that are available to all. Schools that offer these programs will often have very specific information on their website. Because these programs are so different from school to school, it is important to find the one that is right for you.

A mini-MBA can be a wonderful alternative to the traditional MBA and thousands of business leaders are taking advantage of this learning opportunity. If you are looking for a way to obtain new skills, learn new business tactics, brush up on modern business practices or interested in the possibility of a full MBA program, taking mini-MBA courses may be right for you.