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What Can I Do With an AgriBusiness MBA?

An MBA in Agribusiness qualifies you to work or seek promotion in the financial sector of food production and distribution. Students will study how to manage and organize the path that the majority of food items take from the farm, to food processors, to branded companies and packaging, then to food retailers, and finally to the table. This path from farm to table will be analyzed through the lenses of consumer trends, public policy and legislation, technological innovations, and food safety. Agriculture is one of the steadiest business sectors, as food distribution has been a staple of human life since the industrial revolution. While it’s a steady industry, our global food distribution system is far from optimal, as many countries and communities around the globe are underfed while others have surfeit. Graduates of agribusiness programs can therefore have a major impact on the livelihood and health of people all over the world. Many of the top jobs in the field of agribusiness are accessible with an MBA degree, and many of them are well compensated. A Master’s in AgriBusiness is a safe degree in a stable industry, as well as presenting students with the opportunity to have a tangible effect on the world and help optimize food production and distribution systems. Students interested in an AgriBusiness MBA should have a look at the10 Best Online Masters in Agribusiness.

Earnings of MBA Graduates

Obtaining an MBA guarantees further qualifications to land the most prestigious jobs in any field, or to increase your annual income in the position you already have. However, just because you have increased qualifications doesn’t mean that you will necessarily further your career unless you use the degree as a means to an end. Strategically planning out the specific career move for which you will utilize your MBA will allow you to make the most of the investment into your education, and make sure that investment reaps rewards shortly after graduation. For example, professionals with MBA degrees in Human Resources came out on the bottom of the master degree pay scale with an early career median pay of $48,400, while masters degrees in Financial Strategy start at $96,200. Therefore, to make sure that the degree allows you to achieve your desired goals, you should research the position you will be applying for and have an estimate of the probable salary, and weigh that against the total monetary investment you would be making in your degree program. To get an idea of the more lucrative MBA majors, have a look at some of The Highest Paying MBA Careers. Salaries in the same field can vary based on a few different variables, including gender and location, so those should be taken into account as well. Male MBA graduates earn an average between $51,396 and $123,056, while female MBA graduates earn an average between $42,891 and 99,488. As for location, California had the highest average pay for MBA graduates among the 50 states, for reference check out this list of The Best States For MBA Graduates With that in mind, lets have a look at some possible careers of AgriBusiness MBA graduates.

Careers of AgriBusiness MBA Graduates

  • Agricultural Engineers use their knowledge of engineering technology and horticulture to address problems in the field of agriculture by innovating with technology and machinery, and attempting to make farming practices more efficient and more ecologically friendly. In 2016 there were 1,980 Agricultural Engineers employed in the United States, and they made an average salary of $77,330.
  • Agricultural and Food Scientists research different methods for food production and safety. For example, they might research what grains grow the best in different climate conditions and how they can be improved, in order to feed global populations that have less access to natural resources. There were 43,000 Agricultural and Food Scientists employed in the United States in 2016, and they earned an average salary of $62,920.
  • Agricultural Inspectors ensure the safety of food items by inspecting processing equipment and facilities, making sure that food producers and distributors keep food items stored in proper temperatures and packaging. In 2016, there were 14,710 Agricultural Inspectors employed in the United States, and they made an average of $44,260.

Agribusiness MBA Programs

If you are interested in one of the AgriBusiness fields, there are many great programs to choose from. Auburn University offers a Mater of Agriculture in Agronomy and Soil, and allows students to take classes completely online. Iowa State University offers a Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business, and has the benefit of being located in one of the top food producing states in the country. Colorado State University offers a Masters of Agriculture in Agricultural Sciences, which has an Integrated Resource Management option. You should be sure to have a look at the 10 Best Online Masters in Agribusiness.