The Best States For MBA Graduates

You have just graduated with your Master’s degree in Business Administration. You are now knowledgeable and competent enough to manage several people and start your new career. The next step is finding a job that suits your needs, but where do you go? Where do you even start looking? Below is a list of the ten best states for MBA ... Read More »

What Is A Dual MBA?

For anyone considering a Masters in Business Administration, a dual MBA takes it up a notch, providing an edge when it comes to entering the job market. Earning a dual MBA involves adding an additional Masters degree to the Masters in Business Administration in order to provide a graduate student with more skills and expertise in a particular area of ... Read More »

Can You Get An MBA Without GMAT?

Getting into any university program consists of a number of steps that can discourage applicants. Some of the application requirements for graduate school are especially daunting. For many prospective students, the standardized exams like the GMAT cause the most stress of all, leaving many to wonder if they can find a way to forgo the exams and still get an ... Read More »

What Is A Mini-MBA?

Business leaders throughout the nation are looking for ways to enhance their careers. One popular way that you can do this is to earn an MBA, or master of business administration. However, you might also know that these programs will take a minimum of two years to complete. For many people, working full time plus going to school for two ... Read More »

The Fastest Growing MBA Careers

According to Poets & Quants, a popular weekly online newsletter that reports and analyzes the latest information on business school admissions requirements, B-schools rankings, full-time MBA programs, and MBA jobs, there are plenty of employment opportunities with great pay for MBA graduates. So, if you have an MBA or are thinking of obtaining one, here is a list of the ... Read More »

The Highest Paying MBA Careers

Getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most solid investments you can ever make in life. Apart from helping you expand your career opportunities, it also prepares you for good paying jobs in today’s competitive job market. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that you can apply for as an MBA graduate. Read More »

What Is An Executive MBA?

A Master of Business Administration gives students additional skills and knowledge that can help them climb up the corporate ladder by combining coursework with everyday professional experiences. People who wish to obtain Master of Business Administration and continue working fulltime should consider an Executive MBA. EMBA can be obtained in less than two years and provides the same benefits as ... Read More »

What Is An Accelerated MBA?

There are many ways that you can attain your Masters of Business Administration. One of the aspects of the MBA degree that makes it unattractive for many is the fact that the program can take a number of years to complete, especially if you are a part-time student. To appeal and cater to a growing number of students that would ... Read More »

A Guide To MBA Program Accreditation

In today’s more competitive economic climate, a Bachelor’s degree is simply not enough. Employers are looking for more education, experience, and solid credentials in the individuals that they hire. One way to attain such characteristics is to pursue a graduate degree. If you are in the field of business or would like to start a career in business, the ideal ... Read More »