What Can I Do With an International Management MBA?

Did you know that three of the world’s five largest economies are in the far east? What about the fact that none of the world’s top 40 nations by population growth rate are in Europe or North America? MBAs have long been a go-to degree for those looking to hit the “big time” in their careers. Those that want to ... Read More »

What Can I Do With a Project Management MBA?

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s a class project; maybe an initiative at work. Either way, a small team is assigned a task. Individuals break the task into smaller tasks. Work is divvied up. And if you’re lucky, there hasn’t been a quarrel yet. As the small tasks are slowly hammered out, questions emerge. The instructions may not be quite ... Read More »

What Can I Do With a Sustainability MBA?

Large organizations have the opportunity to be perhaps the largest driving force for sustainability, both for themselves and for the environment at large. One common misconception about sustainability MBAs is that they’re all about advocating “green” policies in businesses. While sustainability MBAs do help to prepare graduates for roles promoting environmentally sound policies, sustainability in business is about much more. ... Read More »

What Can I Do With a Finance MBA?

The wheels of commerce grind all around us. From your morning coffee to the commercials on the TV at the end of the night. When it comes to perhaps the most influential discipline driving it all, finance has to top the list. Put simply, finance is the management of large amounts of money. We’re talking quite large, to the tune ... Read More »

What Can I Do With a Social Media MBA?

Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships – David Alston, Entrepreneur In the past decade, social media has grown from the domain of children on a few fledgling startups to change how people communicate and experience reality drastically. It’s also become instrumental to branding and commerce, with organizations worldwide scrambling to create ... Read More »

What Can I Do With a Forensic Accounting MBA?

“Forensic accountants inhabit a cloak and dagger corner of the accounting world.” – Justin Pope Forensic accountants are the experts who know how to solve crimes by crunching numbers. You’ve heard that “money is the root of all evil.” It’s no surprise to anyone that when companies and individuals hold large assets, sooner or later, someone will try to find ... Read More »

What Can I Do With a Cyber Security MBA?

You’ve likely seen some of the massive stats in the news. Nearly a week goes by without a major data breach. But what few in the general public know is that nearly every organization is hacked. Professional cyber security consultants note that it’s very rare to find an organization whose data is not compromised in some way. In cyber security ... Read More »

What Can I Do With a Law Enforcement and Security MBA?

Law and security organizations are some of the largest employers in nearly every city and town. In many state capitols or county seats, a majority of professional jobs may be tied to regulatory agencies, the court system, and physical security. While cyber security has gained a great deal of attention due to high profile breaches in recent years, it’s noteworthy ... Read More »